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why we do what we do

Our story

Image & Picture Ltd is a UK based video production company that offers a full production service creating branded video content. Although we are a small operation we have built a strong network of awesome creative collaborators that we work alongside. That has allowed us to work far and wide, on a diverse range of projects, big and small, for some of the internet's most innovative, successful and fast-moving brands.


Filming at sea onboard The Royal Navy Helicopter carrier HMS Ocean



Past projects

We believe that video is a medium for anyone, in any context. If there’s a story to be told, we can make a video about it. Because of this broad belief, we have found ourselves in often polarising worlds, ranging from fashion to the Armed Forces, tech startups to music festivals; our specialism is not so much the subject matter - but the impact and quality demanded by our clients and their audiences.


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Before any video starts there is a conversation. We'll go back and forth a few times so we can get to know you a bit better and you can get the info you need. We're good listeners and really straightforward with our approach and pricing. Don't worry - you're not going to get signed up to a newsletter and we won’t keep your information specifically to hassle you 6 months down the line. It's just a chat so we can get to know you, your project, and how you can get what you need with the budget you have.

Nothing is more important than the moving image;
except for my cup of coffee in the morning.
— Charlie Chaplin