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Our story


Image & Picture was founded by filmmaker Adam Gichie in 2012. The idea was to create a company built for the online world and through the years we have been lucky enough to work with some of the internet's most leading and innovative brands, something that has helped shape our style, approach and function.

As well as making videos we also wanted to serve to understand business strategy and communications challenges. Videos are a unique window onto a world we create to help tell a story. It's adaptability gives it a wide variety of uses and when combined with social media platforms it has the ability to communicate almost any message one person can say to another. This makes video one of the most powerful communications tool of our age.

When it comes to our ethos and approach we believe the modern internet audience bonds with honesty and authenticity. They don’t like being lied to and unfortunately there is a fair deal of that going on. So social media audiences have acutely dialled their radars to spot fakes, tune out or turn away instantly if they believe they are being treated like a sales target.

This evolution of wit has driven a new dawn of brand marketing and has pushed a new form of video to the forefront which we refer to as ‘Micro-documentary’. Put simply this is a style that borrows from documentary approach and aesthetic but adheres to a timing constraint more appropriate to social media audiences. Whether that's 5 minutes or 15 seconds, the aim is to create content that is emotional, authentic and based on real people and their stories.


There are stories all around us - the trick is picking the right one.

The best stories are ones that share valuable insights and build emotional connections with the audience. When planning a video we always start with the headline message: what do you want to say? We then get to know each client in depth and find a human story that becomes the vehicle to achieve that message.