VIDEO PRODUCTION for the Defence sector



Who are we?

Image & Picture Ltd is a video production company founded in 2012 by filmmaker Adam Gichie (pictured!).

We make videos for all sorts of different clients ranging from Virgin to ELLE magazine. Working with top brands has helped shaped a company ethos and style that in recent years has caught the attention of the defence sector.  

Starting with the Royal Navy Black Cats Helicopter Team we've been on a journey of recommendations, introductions and coffees to most recently filming a video for Lockheed Martin, documenting the journey of 814 NAS on the lead up to their participation in a multinational anti-submarine exercise. 




What can we do?

We bring years of experience working with top commercial brands. This means we have worked side by side with some of the best marketing teams online and with that we have discovered just how effective video can be as a form of communication. Here are a few ways video can work for you:

  • Event screen loop
  • Electronic Press Kit (EPK)
  • Company overview
  • Email marketing content
  • Meetings and presentations
  • Sales team visual assets
  • Brand awareness

  • Product launches

  • Recruitment 

  • Internal news round ups

  • Social media marketing

  • Thought leadership content


What are the next steps?

Every project starts with a chat. No obligation or upfront costs. Just a chat about ideas and goals. From that we can put together a tailored approach and cost breakdown. Next we would normally arrange a person to person meeting, video call or phone call and start to get the ball rolling.

Feel free to pass this page on to a colleague if you think there is someone else who might want to chat about how video can help them. If you've got an idea on your mind then get in touch below.