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Hi there! You've been invited to this super secret page so you can find out everything you need to know about us, in one easy place. Scroll down to find out more about who we are, what we do and how much we charge!


Who are we?

Image & Picture Ltd is a video production company founded in 2012 by filmmaker Adam Gichie (pictured right!) 5 years in and we are small network of trusted creatives producing online content for emerging and established brands. We like to think that our niche is our mindset - Your goal is our goal and we join our client's projects as collaborators.


We can play as big, or as small a role as the client needs. Be it full service or just editing together the final video, we are available to contribute however needed. Actual production aside, one of our key services is consultation. We have years of experience in both planning, executing and delivering video projects. Along that journey we have encountered and navigated most bumps in the road you would expect to experience so our consultation insight is there to be one step ahead for you.  


Who have we worked with?

We have been fortunate to travel far and wide, working alongside many talented creatives on a wide range of projects.

Every project we work on is led by passion, focusing on reliability and quality. This has created opportunities to produce content in some exciting; and also very diverse areas.

We've filmed a ‘day in the life’ series for Richard Branson, sailed aboard HMS Ocean with the Royal Navy, travelled to Brazil with Soho House to film the story of their coffee and worked closely alongside SwiftKey - from when they were just a small team, to a multimillion pound acquisition by Microsoft.

We have formed the company in a way that doesn't restrict ourselves to any one market area. Our focus is on communication and how video can help any company with a message or story to tell.



how much does it all cost?

Most projects are costed up based on day rates. This means there is no out of the box price guide - each video costs exactly what is needed to complete it. To figure out the cost we need to determine a few things to first - Most commonly it’s who needs to be involved and how long do they need to involved for. Directors, cameramen, soundmen, gaffers, editors and colorists to name a few all may or may not to be involved. Until we've worked out with the client exactly what they want and how they want it to look we can’t definitively say who will be needed to complete it.

That being said, we understand that clients need to have a rough idea. Projects can make or break on the cost and that goes for when it's just a fledgling idea or right up until the green light.

Talking in really standard terms most projects take 1 or 2 days to film and then 3 or 4 days to edit. That gives you a rough timeline. Crew costs vary from person to person but in general these are the day rates we work with:

Primary cameraman/Director/DOP £500

Secondary cameraman £350

Aerial camera operator £400

Soundman £450

Editor £350

Colourist £500

Camera rental £150 - £350

Lighting rental £45 - £200

Music £30 - £200

What are the next steps?

Every project starts with a chat. No obligation or upfrotn costs. Just a chat about the idea and what the client has in mind. From that we can put together a tailored approach and cost breakdown. This will take the form of a pdf that you can use to compare against other pitches or send to commissioning managers. If the client then wants to move to the next stage we can either arrange a person to person meeting, video call or phone call and start to get the ball rolling with some more action oriented dialogue.

Chances are if you've been sent this link you already are in touch with someone here. If not then feel free to get in touch here.